Voice Sound Healing 

Learn more about Tania's Voice Sound Healing sessions... 
The Process 
Sessions begin with a consultation and all sessions are tailored to you. 
Normally, you would lay on a treatment couch, fully dressed, and Tania will gently stretch you. This will open your body to receive healing. Tuning forks are used to help clear any blocked energy at certain points of the treatment. 
The Treatments 
For the basic first treatment, Tania will intuitively ask what sound to use, then she will tone over your body with the chosen tone. 
Her voice may wobble, break, and change tone or volume, this is all normal and expected, as the voice is used as a tool to pick up on blockages in the body. 
Different sensations can be experienced including hot, and cold, vibrations of the voice can be felt, visions, energy seen as colours, tingling sensations, pulsing feelings, thoughts of clarity, and emotional releases can happen. These things are all normal. 

There is a specific sequence in the treatments you can have, and they all vary in style and technique. 

In the basic treatment, the voice is used to tone over the whole body. Your name is Sung, and tuning forks are used. Then progressing to the musical scale, being toned over the body, tuning forks are also used. 
The Indian musical scales are toned over the body in a separate treatment, also using tuning forks. Progressing into mantras focusing on the chakras, it’s important to start at the beginning and build up energy through the treatments for the best and most wonderful results. 
Post Treatment 
Lots of water is needed after treatments to allow the energy and toxins to pass through the body. 
An energetic hangover may occur and all of this is a normal part of the body letting go of what is not needed. 
This will pass, leaving a more positive and uplifted energy. If emotion arises, allow them to be released. Allow them to pass, acknowledge them, and release them. 

Types of Sessions: 


1-2-1 sessions are available, these sessions are longer than a group session as time is taken to chat and evaluate. 
Tania has a healing hut at the bottom of her garden where a personally tailored session can be created for you and more attention can be focused on your individual needs. 
It’s a small space with enough room for one client, a treatment bench, four Gongs, and many other instruments. 


After a video consultation, we will set a time when we are both free, and ideally, you will find a comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. 
This is paramount, you must treat it like you would in person, with no disruption, lying down and relaxing, and no children, animals or other people disturbing you. 
Tania does the same treatment as you would be with her in the room. Tania will hold you in her mind’s eye and may use a photo of you and chant your name. She will text you when the treatment is finished and check in with you. 


Headphones are recommended for you to wear, so you are cocooned in the sound. 
A booking form will be emailed to you before your schedule is confirmed. 
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