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About Reiki 
Practising Reiki can unfold an amazing spiritual path. It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. 
Reiki is applied through the practitioner’s hands being placed upon the body or above whilst laying on a treatment table, fully dressed. Unseen energy flows through the hands and creates an essence of divine love and universal energy. 
Reiki supports energy healing by balancing, recovering, and enabling deep relaxation along with general well-being. 

The Treatment 

The treatment may feel like a flow of gentle energy flowing through your body and around you. 
Reiki treats the whole body, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, creating beneficial healing on many levels. It aids, relaxes, and assists your body in the natural healing process. 
For some people, Reiki can be experienced as colours, heat, cold, tingling, visions and increased clarity.  
Others find it deeply relaxing, supporting the clearing of old emotions and holding onto the past. Other people experience an improvement in health and well-being. 
To sense or perceive the energy is not necessary as healing on some level will always support the individual’s journey back to wellness over time. 
How Reiki helps... 
No two sessions are the same as we are always evolving and changing energetically. Energy can get stuck as we go through our busy lives. 
This can make us ill on a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical level. By engaging Reiki, it can help bring back balance, increase our energy levels and release blockages, all with pure divine energy. 
We can return to being more relaxed, positive, and with energy levels refreshed. Sleep quality often improves. 

Types of Sessions: 


1-2-1 sessions are available, these sessions are longer than a group session as time is taken to chat and evaluate. 


After a video consultation, we will set a time when we are both free, and ideally, you will find a comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. 
This is paramount, you must treat it like you would in person, with no disruption, lying down and relaxing, and no children, animals or other people disturbing you. 
Tania does the same treatment as you would be with her in the room. Tania will hold you in her mind’s eye and may use a photo of you and chant your name. She will text you when the treatment is finished and check in with you. 


Headphones are recommended for you to wear, so you are cocooned in the sound. 
A booking form will be emailed to you before your schedule is confirmed. 
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