House Energetic Cleansing 

Learn more about Tania's House Energetic Cleansing sessions... 
Why Cleanse? 
Many things happen in a home, energy can become stagnant for many reasons or maybe you opened a new business and want to cleanse the building. You maybe want to make it a place of your ancestors, and really make it yours with all your energy and the energy of your ancestors. 
Maybe you’re trying to sell your house or have bought a new house and want to make it your own... 
Perhaps something stressful has happened such as divorce, divorce, or falling victim to crime. 
With Tania’s sacred herbs and prayer, her connection to the spirit Mathongo and Reiki symbols, the space can be energetically cleansed, getting rid of what was before and making way for new energy. 
Prices are quoted on a complimentary consultation, to assess the situation & property size 
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