Gong & Voice Bath Sessions 

Discover whats involved in the Flower Frequency Gongs & Voice Bath sessions... 
Session Overview 
A group session can be up to 25 people but often less. A mat and small pillow are provided, although it is advised to bring your own blankets, pillows and anything else you need to make a cosy nest, so you feel comfortable to relax and lie down for a good 1.5 hours. 
How it begins... 
The session begins with a short meditation talk to help you wind down into the space. 
The order of instruments played may vary each session with often one Gong leading the session accompanied by matching herbs or flower essences. Crystals are often added to amplify and help cleanse the space. 

The Process 

Everything has a vibration including our bodies. The layers of sound from the gongs affect every part of your body. The gongs work on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. 
Once the body entrains with gongs, healing can take place. Sometimes emotions can arise in the session, and this is a perfectly normal and a good thing to happen. The gongs are working. 
Some people experience sadness, anger, annoyance, overwhelming joy, a pure wave of unconditional love, coughing, even giggling, and feelings that a past family member/friend is with them. Memories can flood back, and all or some of these things can arise. 
The emotions need to leave the body, perhaps a blockage is being released or something you have been holding on to without knowing is unravelling and making its way out of your body. You should let these emotions out and don't hold them in. 
Gong vibrations will help your body to get to the point of relaxation quicker. 
For some people, it's a visual experience of daydreams, colour visions, messages of some sort, and for others, they sleep through each session and awake refreshed. 
Vibrations can be felt in parts of the body, some instruments are played just above your body and around you for maximum vibrations in your energetic field. 
It is a different experience for each individual and changes for returning clients each time they come. 
Post Session 
You may feel zoned out after a session, therefore allowing enough time to come back into your body is advised. 
Snacks and refreshments are always on hand at Flower Frequency Gongs. It is advised to drink plenty of water the few days after a session. Similar to a massage, toxins need to be flushed out of the body. 
What we call an 'energetic hangover' can happen, this is normal in the releasing process. If this occurs do not worry, you will bounce back with vitality and feel amazing after it passes. 

Types of Sessions 


1-2-1 sessions are available, these sessions are longer than a group session as time is taken to chat and evaluate. 


After a video consultation, we will set a time when we are both free, and ideally, you will find a comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. 
This is paramount, you must treat it like you would in person, with no disruption, lying down and relaxing, and no children, animals or other people disturbing you. 
Tania does the same treatment as you would be with her in the room. Tania will hold you in her mind’s eye and may use a photo of you and chant your name. She will text you when the treatment is finished and check in with you. 


Headphones are recommended for you to wear, so you are cocooned in the sound. 
A booking form will be emailed to you before your schedule is confirmed. 
Please note: When booking an appointment in the healing hut Tania does have dogs that live in the family home, although they are not allowed in the hut itself, however it is something to consider if you have allergies or a particular phobia. Please do inform Tania in advance and she will do her best to accommodate your needs. 
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