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Our History 

Tania stumbled across an influential and amazing mentor and trainer in South Africa called Chris Ntombemhlophe Reid. 
She spent four years working under Chris’s wing. To become a Sangoma, Tania spent six months in South Africa and six months in the UK for four years.  
The training encouraged Tania to face all her demons and connect to the spirit in an amazing and raw way. 
Living with no electricity or running water, life became challenging but amazing.  
Tania made a connection to her ancestor Amathongo, the path of Ukuthwasa, on the way to becoming a Sangoma. 
“Being sick with spirit is what this path is about, sick with the madness of the calling, it requires blossoming to heal, it’s the opening up of the Sangoma inside” 
“Being sick with spirit is what this path is about, sick with the madness of the calling, it requires blossoming to heal, it’s the opening up of the Sangoma inside” 
- Chris Ntombemhlophe 

What is a Sangoma? 

Sangoma is an ancient South African tradition. It is a highly respected healer amongst the people of South Africa, who often diagnose, prescribe, and often perform rituals to heal a person physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Sangomas believe spirit makes us sick with the calling to become a sangoma. Often, we are unwell mentally which results in physical illness. 
Tania was trained by Chris Ntombemhlophe Reid who comes from the Dlamini lineage. 
This was a lineage within the mPondo tradition in South Africa, which is one of the oldest African cultures. 
Ntombemhlophe has many strings to his bow. He has studied horticulture at the University of Pretoria, started his training to become a Sangoma in 1994 and is also an author of two mystical children’s books. 
Mentor of 27 Thwasas, initiated trainees to the Sangoma line. An avid horse enthusiast, polo player, and master in African beadwork, ongoing training and support are given from the Reid Dlamini lineage. 
Tania is recognised as a traditional doctor by South African law and being a Sangoma is seen as having a very high status in tribal culture. She was named Tyatyambo - Flower, the flower of the ancestors. 
During training to become a Sangoma, Tania learned to connect with spirit ancestors and listen to them. It can be described as connecting to your higher self. Sangomas receive visions, messages, and provide instruction and advice. Many messages come in dreams when we are asleep. 
We are shown medicines to go and collect, things about people, or directions to take in life. Sangoma is a lifetime of practice, commitment, and if you stop listening to your Amathongo, your ancestor, sickness can often return. Being a Sangoma is a daily practice of ritual and meditation to keep the connection strong. 

The Process 

By opening up and connecting to spirit, by listening and being guided, Tania found Reiki, gongs and all the other healing tools she has learned over the years and throughout her travels. Importantly, the first thing Tania does when seeing a client is use her Mathongo, as they guide her with visions and feelings. 
Tania’s mentor in South Africa has fascinated many people, appearing in Time magazine and The Guardian newspaper. Tania has also appeared in many articles herself. Her learnings and experiences in South Africa have been a huge part of her journey. 
Becoming a Sangoma has given Tania the skills and gifts which she now has to help others. 
This includes herself, through all the challenges she has been through. 
Becoming a Sangoma was the beginning of the eye-opening journey that she has shared with many others and would like to share with you. 
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