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My personal message.......... 
Hello and welcome to my website. 
I’m Tania Tyatyambo founder of Flower Frequency Gongs, I’m a qualified Sangoma, Sound, Gong, and Reiki Practitioner 
Based in West Cornwall, I will be arranging pop-up events covering many corners of Cornwall. 
Flower Frequency Gongs evolved over time, it started with me being burnt out and looking for alternative options to restore balance. 
Sound is my passion and I just can’t get enough of it. I’ve created an amazing space combining the wonderful skills I’ve learned into a unique healing space; my sound journey has been incredible. 
I hope you enjoy my page and join me on your very own personalised sound journey. 1-1, group and corporate sessions are available to book. 
Tania’s spiritual journey has helped her cope with life’s challenges. 
It started by exploring full moons, reading about Wiccans, Druids, and making friends with tarot readers which she found mesmerising. 

Extensive learning experiences from across the world... 

Tania became a Sangoma in Africa, and then continued on with Reiki training with Victoria Lyons at Kendrick Lodge, where she got her Level I and II with Advanced Level II followed by a one-year foundation course with the Seed Sistas in 2017 which included study of herbal medicines.  
She then received her gong practitioner training and sound healing practice, through the College of Sound Healing. 
Tania is aware of the challenges of this world and has worked in the most extreme environments. 
This journey has prompted her to create an environment of balance, which is a challenge for most. 
Life can take us to many places unexpectedly, and this can change extremely quickly. Life trauma often catches up with us. 
Tania’s journey has brought her here, including creating Flower Frequency Gongs. 
Your journey starts right here. We are a space to facilitate and help you become the best version of yourself. 

Education & Training 

Sangoma Training 
2012 - 2016 
Reiki training Level 1 -Jan 2016 
Level 2 May 2016 
Advanced Level 1 Nov 2016 
One-year Foundation Course - The Sensory Herb Apprenticeship - Seed Sistas 2017 
Repeated Level 2 June 2020 
Continuous Professional Development 
Reiki Training August 2020 
The Sensory Herb Apprenticeship, 1st year - Seed Sistas 
Kaz and Fiona have been teaching herbal medicine for over two decades. They operate clinical practices in herbal medicine, being passionate about plants and sensory herbalism. They bridge the gap between magic and medicine. 
Reiki Training 
Tania trained to Level II in Reiki at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland, and was attuned and taught by Victoria Lyons who is 8th in the lineage from Dr Usui, the founder of Reiki. 
She has received in-depth training over the years from her spiritual master, Margret Underwood. 
Gong Practitioner Training 
Tania trained through the College of Sound Healing with Sheila Whittaker. 
Sheila is currently a senior course tutor for the UK College of Sound Healing. She runs the gong practitioner training course for the college, teaching new groups of students every year. 
Sound healing practice by Simon Heather 2022-23 
Alexandra is passionate about the healing effects of voice on the body and mind and its ability to reflect a person’s state of health and well-being on all levels. 
Her sessions empower people to begin a journey of personal development and wellness through the discovery of their own unique vocal sound. 
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