At Flower Frequency Gongs, Tania knows how tough life can be and how draining it is to maintain balance.  
The pressure to keep up, please others, and even fit in the world that surrounds us can be consuming and exhausting. 
Many of us are thrown curve balls that cause all sorts of disruption to our health. 
No matter how great or small, the slightest knock out of sync can play a massive role in our performance to cope with life. 

Our Services 

Tania offers a range of services including: 

A Relaxing Space 

Tania has created a space where you can let go, relax, and know that you are in a safe environment. 
This includes the combination of sound vibrations from Gongs and many other instruments including drums, bells, herbs and crystals, each working together in harmony. 

Each session is paired with matched energy… 

Often, planets can be matched with gongs, flowers and plants that are ruled by the same planet to accompany the perfect vibration all working together. 
A combination of smell and taste blends in perfectly to take you on a journey into the sound. A deeply relaxing meditative state occurs where healing can take place. 
Your journey to letting go and being your true self can take place. The combination is harmonious with breathtaking results. Snacks and drinks are always on hand at Flower Frequency Gongs to ensure you remain comfortable. 
For most of the services, they can either take place in person at Tania’s main residence or can also be facilitated virtually using Zoom. 

Reiki Principles 

Just for today, I let go of anger. 
Just for today, I let go of worry. 
Just for today, I honour my parents, teachers and friends 
Just for today, I do my work honestly. 
Just for today, I give thanks for my food 
And to all living things “mikao Usui “ 
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